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Calvin Klein – Unusual venue for new products launch Milano

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein, a world famous brand which has been popular ever since 1968, chose 10 Watt venue to present the new collection. The event lasted 2 days and was a constant surprise. In order to manage everything at its best 10 Watt reserved an office for the coordinators of the event on the mezzanine, which allowed to control from above, both the Light and Color space with total discretion. The stable Fibre100 and its WiFi was essential for fast communication with foreign countries and for downloading heavy files.

On the first day, in the Light space, took place the first main presentation of the collection. The space was personalized with impactful colourful boxes where the new accessories were positioned onto becoming the protagonists of the day.

On the second day, Purple House, Yori Studio, Color, Light and Lounge became their workshop spaces where all the attendees had the opportunity to study and see all the new garments.